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Polishing paste 3M-09374
  • Polishing paste 3M-09374
  • Polishing paste 3M-09374

Polishing paste 3M-09374

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Polishing paste 3M-09374

1. Effectively polishes.

2. Provides a high-gloss surface.

3. It is easily washed away from surfaces.

4. Insignificant dispersion when polishing.

5. Possibility of removal of a reheat.

6. Allows the subsequent processing by other polishing pastes, for example 3M 09376 Perfect-III.

Represents the highly effective abrasive material applied on car repair paint and varnish coverings to elimination risok which remain after grinding circles 3M 260L granularity of P1200 or P1500 or paper 3M Perfect-it Magic P1500 and P2000 for polishing with water.
Paste is suitable also for the elimination of small and average traces of oxidation and scratches including which are formed on original paint and varnish coverings at a car sink.
Paste 09374 is recommended to be applied with the electrical or pneumatic polishing machines (1500 — 2500 rpm) equipped with orange polirovalnik of 3M 09550 Perfect-it or woolen polirovalnik of 01927 Perfect-it and mandrels of 09552/3 Perfect-it.

Information is up-to-date: 02.01.2020
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