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Transparent primer of Cetol WP 562 BPD
  • Transparent primer of Cetol WP 562 BPD
  • Transparent primer of Cetol WP 562 BPD

Transparent primer of Cetol WP 562 BPD

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Country of manufacture:Sweden
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Transparent primer of Cetol WP 562 BPD

The description of material the Water-soluble, transparent primer (a liquid security measure of wood) with protection against fungi of blue decay. It is intended for external building constructions from wood. - ready to the use - deeply getting - does not leave potek - the Registration room in Federal department painted Active agent on labor protection and medicine (BAUA): No.-40652 0,6 g / 100 Yodpropinil-Butilkarbamat of 0,9 g / 100 Propikonazol Active agent is described in the Directive 98/8/EG and conforms to requirements of tests of EN 152.1 against fungi of blue decay. The security measure of wood is registered for BPD (the BPD Directive on biocides) the Expense Test was carried out at a material 120 consumption - 160 ml/sq.m or 123-164 g/m2 for wood with a stability class 3-5 Colour At the choice of color of a varnish pay attention to the group table of flowers of Independent Institute of Technology of Windows in Rosenheim. All prorachny (varnish) colors can be mixed among themselves. Color perception of separate flowers of a varnish on different substrates - variously therefore apply a trial layer on the processed wood. More dark colors of a varnish are more weather-resistant in comparison with light flowers. Colourless coverings are not intended for external building constructions from wood. In wood with the high content of extracts, such as, the oak, a larch, tropical breeds of wood, occurs change of color - it, partly, is observed only at atmospheric action. Transparent, colors, for example, from the JCC collection. The type of the binding substance Copolymer of an Akrilat Pigment Basis Light-resistant, weather-resistant pigments Capacity is 5 l, 20 l, 100 l Application Working viscosity of material - about 11 seconds in Ford's funnel (4 mm) or about 23 - 25 seconds in ISO funnel (3 mm) at a temperature of material of 20 degrees Celsius. The painting car of brush type, vakumat the Automated okunaniye, having poured over the Expense of 50 - 160 ml/sq.m, depending on a way of drawing, breed and absorbency of wood (exact value can be defined after drawing a trial layer) Dilution If necessary to add no more than 5% of water. Temperature of work is 15-25 °C for a substrate (wood), material and air at relative humidity of air apprx. 60%.
Manufacturer:Akzo Nobel
Country of manufacture:Sweden
Information is up-to-date: 02.01.2020
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